Avtomat Kalashnikov 47

 Привет, товарищ! 

  This is the AK47, one of the most popular firearms on earth, the archetypal "bad-guy" gun in Hollywood (except of course in Red Dawn, Go Wolverines!), and the chief rival of the most popular American rifle, the Armalite Rifle #15 (AR15).  Presented to the Soviet Military in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK sought to provide the Soviets the same advantages that the Germans had with the STG-44. In fact, it was while Mikhail Kalashnikov was a soldier and wounded in a hospital after the battle of Bryansk that he had conversations with another soldier about the problems with the firearms they were provided.  This was the inspiration that motivated the AK47's development, and although it bears some similarity to the German STG, it takes heavy inspiration from the American M1 Garand for its internal functions.  The result was a rifle that was accurate enough at range for the militaries of the Warsaw Pact, wasn't overly heavy, was (relatively) cheap, ruggedly reliable and simple to maintain and use, commonly used 30 round detachable magazines, and was produced roughly two decades earlier than its American rival; the AR15.

Today the AK is increasing in popularity amongst Americans, particularly now that American manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to produce these at home.  Many shooters find the rifle more enjoyable, and sometimes even more comfortable than the AR15. Fire one with us and find out if you're on team AK or team AR!