The Jericho, originally developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) and later by Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI), has a storied history. It has served in the holsters of law enforcement and military agencies around the world. This international reputation is a testament to its reliability and performance. This pistol's all-steel construction sets it apart, offering not only exceptional durability but also the weight and balance that enthusiasts and professionals appreciate. 

The Full Steel Jericho retains a timeless design with roots in the iconic CZ 75. Its smooth action, ergonomic grip, and crisp trigger pull make it a classic choice. For Douglass and Locke, it's mainly used as a trainer alongside the Mantis laser training system. This is because the Jericho has a double action function; pulling the trigger and firing is possible even with the hammer decocked, so it can be dry fired with the Mantis laser without needing to rack the slide every time the trigger is pulled.