PSA Dagger

The Dagger, designed and manufactured by Palmetto State Armory, follows the company's trend of marrying reliability with affordability. As a less expensive Glock clone, the Dagger can also capitalize on the extensive aftermarket production for Glock parts.  This allows the Dagger to be a beginner friendly firearm not just for shooting, but also for those experimenting with basic modifications to truly make their gun their own.

The Dagger pictured here is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a threaded barrel.  The threaded barrel allows for certain additions, such as the black and gold compensator on the end of the firearm that reduces the amount of felt recoil. Compensators do this by redirecting the gasses produced by firing, but doing so can actually bleed too much of the energy used by the pistol to eject the fired casing and chamber the next round. In order to ensure the firearm still cycles, the standard recoil spring is swapped for a weaker one to allow the generated force to be enough to cycle the action once again.

Another of the modifications include an extended magazine release, which makes it easier to eject the magazine, and a red dot optic, which makes lining up your shot faster and easier.  It's a pistol put together specifically to make it as pleasant and simple as possible to shoot.